I have a promo offer, where do I enter it?

In your shopping cart page, please follow the link instructions that says "I have a promo code". If you clicked on an offer link that you received from us, your discount would automatically be applied to your cart.

Is my credit card/personal information secure?

Yes. We use the latest technology in encryption on our checkout pages. Every information you provide to us, gets encrypted during the communication and your credit card information is never saved on our servers. Our customer service representatives do not have access to your full credit card number.

My card is getting declined, what's wrong?

Most common decline error is your billing zip code not matching to the one your provided. Billing zip code should be from the address you receive your credit card statements. You might be receiving your statements at a different address than your shipping address. If you are receiving another error, it is a good idea to check with your bank. If you need any further assistance regarding payments, we are always happy to help. Just talk to one of our representatives.